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Reading Reflections Week Ten November 4

Do the readings listed in the syllabus for week 10 if you have not already, and answer the following questions by our next class November 11.

  • Based on what you’ve read here and learned in class so far, what do you think is the most promising funding model for the future of news and/or other types of media content? Be specific.
  • Share one additional thing you found useful or interesting from the readings.

Week Nine Readings: Your Thoughts

The business plan in the appendix of the Briggs book is in a different format than the one you will eventually write, but it offers you some good things to think about in developing a media related business. What did you find most interesting or surprising about it?

How could you apply at least one of the insights into how Google operates from the Jarvis book to your startup?

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Week Seven Reading Questions

1. Do you think the idea you pitched was “sticky” as described in Briggs Chapter 5? Why or why not? Be as specific as you can.

2. Describe one other thing from the chapter you found interesting or relevant.

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Week Four Reading Questions: Organizational Change

Describe, briefly, one reason organizational change is challenging.

Give an example of dysfunctional or at least “less optimal” forms of leadership and how they can negatively affect an organization’s ability to innovate.

Anything else you found interesting or relevant, feel free to share!

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