This is the class blog for Dr. Brown’s graduate Entrepreneurial Journalism course at the University of Memphis, J7100.

Michelle Ferrier, Ohio University: “I want my students to able to dance with the uncertainties in the field. To be flexible and creative, because we know they will have multiple jobs in their lifetime.”

The goal of this course is to better prepare students for entering a tumultuous media environment by fostering  an understanding of business dynamics and opportunities in media industries in the context of digital disruption. Students will get a basic grounding in the skills and knowledge they would need to not only potentially start their own businesses, but also to bring entrepreneurial, innovative thinking into legacy organizations. This course will examine a variety of emerging and traditional business models and discuss how to leverage digital media tools. Students will learn also learn about organizational culture and leadership and barriers to change efforts in existing organizations and possible strategies for overcoming those issues.

About the professor

Class Mottos:

“Proceed until apprehended.” – Tow Center Report “Post-Industrial Journalism”

“Do shit you aren’t supposed to do…If you are not asking yourself every couple of years how to once more scare yourself to death, then you are living something of the coward’s life. Ain’t no room for cowards in journalism at this moment in time.” – Joe Sexton, formerly of the New York Times, now ProPublica


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