Case Study: Embrace Disruption Public Relations

By Shelby Jo Fenter

Cory Stewart, founder of Embrace Disruption Public Relations in Toronto, says he never possessed the patience to finish his college degree.  After speaking with him, it is obvious that what he lacked in patience he undoubtedly made up for in his passion for communication. Stewart founded Embrace Disruption Public Relations in 2012 and thrives on the notion to “innovate or die.”

Stewart stresses that he has never sought to disrupt public relations, but he strongly believes that it is foolish to ignore something that is obviously happening, whether you like it or not.  With journalism constantly changing and vast improvements in technology, disruption of public relations is not an idea to run from.

This awareness of disruption has made Embrace Disruption Public Relations successful.  The firm has worked with talent from all parts of Canada and the United States including The Starlight Children’s Foundation of Canada, The Canadian Lesbian And Gay Archives, H&M, Pants Off For Prostate Cancer, Torstar Digital, and Coleman Lemieux Compagnie.

When asked about strategic ways Stewart has used disruption to generate revenue, he describes Embrace Disruption’s celebrated “Twitter parties.” The party host reveals the hashtag prior to the event and Twitter users utilize the hashtag to closely engage with the brand.  Q&As about the company are held as well as prize giveaways.  For example, Embrace Disruption recently hosted a Twitter party for Newegg, an electronics company out of Canada.   The results speak for themselves.  Stats included 62,358 new followers, 4677 total tweets and 2.5 million impressions. Not to mention, the “Twarty” was only two hours long.  Stewart terms this as “priceless brand management.”  He believes this kind of social engagement not only produces massive brand exposure, but also allows for and acknowledges feedback.

Embrace Disruption strives to dig deeper than traditional public relations firms.  Stewart believes that most firms just aim to reach maximum impressions.  Embrace Disruption focuses on reaching maximum impressions with people who truly care.

From their long repertoire of services, including social media management and media kit production, their campaigns are personalized to heighten brand awareness in the current media landscape.

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