Reminders from class October 7

Next week is fall break, woo hoo!

For our next class, you must be prepared, as a group, to tell us:
1) What you learned from your first foray into customer discovery (each group member must talk to a MINIMUM of five people). Remember to use the four hypotheses as a guide, especially the first two for now. (See handout). Summarize key themes or especially interesting findings.
2). Why is your problem painful? BE SPECIFIC. Back this up with as much research you can find from as many different sources you can find. Google is good, but try to go beyond that to find as much as you can.
3. Deciding on a name – sounds like you already have names, but might want to think a little bit more about that and brainstorm a bit.
I will post reading questions soon.
Be sure you are staying organized. Remember, you will use all of this information later on in crafting your pitch, so don’t lose any of your research!

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