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Class Reminders Week One August 26

Thanks for a good first day of class! Holler at me if you have questions.
To do before class next week: 
1. Watch Page One movie. This is a tale of disruption in one news organization (New York Times) but some of the lessons apply beyond journalism/news.  As noted in class, it is available via Netflix, Hulu, hard copies in Meeman 300 if you are in Memphis, and possibly other places such as your local library. 
2. Respond to the questions in this blog post in a comment on the post.
3. Start thinking. What is your best media business idea? Hint: Think about a problem you could solve or a pain you could cure. You don’t have to DO anything with this yet. Just marinate on it a bit. 
4. Send me a short bio via email that I can post on the class blog. Also send me your Twitter handle with this so I can link to it with the bio.  
5. Join the class Facebook group
6. I don’t have specific quota or requirements for this, but please feel free to post articles, thoughts, questions, etc. on the Facebook group or on Twitter using the hashtag #jpreneur.
7. Finish readings for week one and do readings for week two. 



Response to Readings Week One: Journalism and Disruption

Please respond to the following questions in a comment on this post. Length is not as important as THOUGHTFULNESS.  This week’s questions are pretty easy – mostly just asking you to reflect on what you have read or heard thus far.

1)Describe, briefly, one key takeaway you got from the Tow Center report on Post Industrial Journalism. What did you find most interesting or most important? Yes, you can skim over the report. Be sure you are not just repeating one of your classmate’s takeaways (incentive to post early). Hint: Here’s a list of my own takeaways, if that gives you any ideas. Be specific.

2)This is a review question, so if were paying attention in class, it should be pretty easy. Of course, you can use the readings too. Name one way in which media has been disrupted by technology…e.g. how did Google disrupt the New York Times? How did Apple disrupt the music industry? Be specific.

3)After watching Page One, describe one way in which The New York Times has faced either negative consequences OR opportunity from disruption.