Startup Case Study: With Bob, You Are Never “Bowling Alone”

In a post on her own blog, Robin Spielberger introduces us to a really interesting startup: Bob. Bob is “a unique Android-based TV stick that enables families to communicate, share content, interact and play, all via the TV – no matter where each member may be physically located.” 

When she presented it in class, many of us were intrigued. It’s similar to Chromecast, but with more interactive and social features. As Spielberger writes:

Moran and his team believe Meet-Bob will revolutionize TV watching, said Sigalit Klimovsky, CEO of the Meet-Bobproject in a January 2014 article by David Shamah of The Times of Israel’s Start-Up Israel section.  “It’s a device to bring families together.  Technology was supposed to get us closer; it has opened the boundaries and has become a commodity enabling us to communicate easily with anyone, anywhere.  But while we connect more with a bigger group of people, we interact and communicate less with the people we care about – our family.”  BobKlimovsky said, will harness interactive technology to bring people, especially families, closer together.


Be sure to check out her full post!

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