Important things to help you think through what we’ll do Thursday

Met with Andre yesterday and we talked about a few things to help you think through these problems.

For problem 2A, which deals with media organizations and how they can better use mobile: I’ve presented the problem as one media organizations have, and it most certainly IS. However, think too about USERS and what they need. What kinds of news/information/entertainment do various types of users want to get and when? Think at a local level first. How could you OPTIMIZE delivery of that content for mobile? For example, you could develop some kind of special Grizzlies app that leveraged the content that organizations like, say, the CA already produce, but with additional features unique to mobile. Think about verticals – for example, many media organizations might have a separate entertainment vertical, for example.

2C talks about MONETIZING mobile. Here too, think about users. What kinds of ads could you get on your phone that would actually be USEFUL rather than just annoying? People love getting coupons and ad circular inserts in their newspapers – what if you could get a set of relevant coupons right before you got to Target through a media organization’s app?

For problem three – it’s okay to think big there, too – zoom out. Think about ANY big breaking news event and what you might need to get on your phone. You don’t have to get hung up on the specifics too much.

Yes, you can solve a different problem, or an offshoot of one of these, but if you do, be really prepared because the first thing Andre will ask is if the problem is a real one, and he will be very, very skeptical. 🙂

Remember, everybody should bring to class at least one idea to share with us. I’d rather not, but I think I’ll assign one of the assignment grades to that to give you some incentive to think hard. I will grade very easily overall but just be prepared. 

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