Important Reminders from Class 2/20

I won’t give you an assignment to comment on the readings (though please actually do them) because I want you to focus on the following. Remember, we are iterating the syllabus a little bit.
1. Study the problems to be solved. I passed out a handout on them in class, and I sent it via email as well. It is possible I may email you and add to these before next Thursday. Think about them. Maybe do a little Googling on them.
2.Come up with at one favorite startup idea that solves one of those problems and a rough elevator pitch for it. At this stage, your pitch does NOT have to be perfect, and we’ll probably talk about it/work on it a little bit in class before you give it, too.
3. If you have a different problem to solve, email me ASAP and we can talk about it.
Andre will be there next week and we’ll be really getting into this, so put some serious thought into this.

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