Note about case studies

I’m working through your case studies bit by bit here.
Some of them need a little bit of work before they can be posted on the class blog – for example, a link  attribution purposes. Always important to sweat the small stuff whenever you are posting something with your name on it on the Internet. You do not HAVE to revise them for posting, but if you do, you may improve your grade. To add links in Word, use the “Insert” tab. Highlight the text you want to use as a link. and hit the “hyperlink” button and paste the URL in there. It’s easy for me to transfer that directly to the blog.
I share this stuff on the blog because 1)You can learn as much from each other as from me and 2)There is a broad community of #jpreneurs out there who may be interested in your work, and who can, potentially, be valuable for you to tap into someday.

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