Reminders from Class 1/30

For next week:

Case study.  Choose a traditional media organization (PR firm, news organization, ad agency, music label, Hollywood studio etc.). What has this organization’s response been to the changing media landscape? Do some research online, and if possible, interview somebody from that organization, and ask them what lessons they have learned as they work to adapt.  What kinds of opportunities did they take…or miss…. to grow audience or build new revenue? What specific challenges did they face? This does not have to be a comprehensive, extremely long thing, but will hopefully get you thinking about some of the opportunities disruption has brought to existing media orgs.  Please write up what you found and submit it to me via email in a Word doc and bring a copy to class. I will post good ones on the class blog so that you can share with others what you have learned, so write clearly and include links. There is lots of good stuff in the trade press about how organizations have responded to change. Nieman Lab even has an encyclopedia that might be of use to you…not sure how often they update it, but has lots of good info. 

 Remember, choose an organization YOU are interested in. Doing this kind of exercise is good for your career 🙂 

Read:  Jarvis, What Would Google Do? book “New Publicness” and “New Society” sections and respond with comment here.

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One thought on “Reminders from Class 1/30

  1. In Jeff Jarvis’s, What Would Google Do, section “New Publicness” and “New Society”; what I understood from the readings is that you need to be searchable on Google, that it’s probably smart to get a website, and its important for you to have your resume’ online. Jarvis was mainly talking about business and organizations, however, he encouraged individuals to also have websites. Also, he talked about the importance of Google and how no one wants to be an enemy of Google, because they have to be visible to their audience. I agree Google is the largest search engine and if anyone wants publicity and to be successful they need to be searchable on Google because that’s the first place customer’s are going.

    Lastly, in the chapter about New Society,Jarvis talked about how people think we are now anti-social because of laptops ,earphones and never physically talking to anyone, but that isn’t true. He said we are talking to more people in more places, because we have more ways to do it. I agree, but I think the physical interaction and connection with people has highly decreased. You can only know so much about someone by talking to them online. The physical, face-to-face communication is very important and social media isn’t going to give you that even if you’re face timing, or skyping. People hide behind the internet. You will only know the real them trough physical interaction.

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