Will This Float?

Will This Float warmed the mid November lull, giving those with big ideas a chance to fan a flame of entrepreneurial spirit.

Finalists making the cut took to the stage with a three minute pitch explaining why their concept is viable and awesome. 

Audience members could text in votes for their favorite pitch. 

In the end, the judge’s pick of best pitch walk away with the distinction of being the annual winner, a package of  legal advice and cash.

Will This Float is a major annual event hosted in Chattanooga, Tennessee through the Company Lab’s start-up program.  The event featured ten competitive finalists in a three minute pitch presentation.

The entrepreneurs on stage compete for the annual distinction of being the winner of “WTF”.

This year’s winner is Granola, an outdoor company launched by sibling duo solving the backpack frustrations of mankind.  

The second place pick is Temperate, which centers its focus on American-made clothing.  The third place pick  is Gludi, a virtual assistant or application for individuals managing and needing support in managing Type-2 diabetes.  



One thought on “Will This Float?

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Good work, Angela. Glad you got to attend an event like this – I like the texting element. I might have included some links here to enhance the blog post and done a bit more of a rigorous copy edit.

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