Vegas Young Professionals Morning Buzz

The entrepreneurial event I attended was the Vegas Young Professional Morning Buzz. The Vegas Young Professionals is the largest young professional organization in the state of Nevada. The goal of VYP is to give professional development to young professionals ages 21 to 39.

At this free event young professionals are served coffee and a light breakfast while being introduced to the VYP program and learning about the wonderful things the program provides. I was able to mix and mingle with other young professionals and listen to some excellent speakers include Tony Hsieh, CEO of ZAPPOS.

After the speakers and the breakfast we were given a chance to walk around the room and chat with the guest speakers. I was also able to sign up for a business mentorship program and I learned about various future events that are in place to help new entrepreneurs.

I enjoyed this event because I was able to meet like-minded individuals and get advice from seasoned professionals. I believe that this program will help Las Vegas entrepreneurs be successful in their endeavors.


One thought on “Vegas Young Professionals Morning Buzz

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Good, Alexis, although I would have liked at least nugget of something you learned to make this a valuable blog post for readers.

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