Group updates on customer relationships, channels, and revenues

Please leave a comment on this post updating us on your group’s progress on these building blocks. 

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7 thoughts on “Group updates on customer relationships, channels, and revenues

  1. Misty Menees says:

    Customer Relationships

    Communicate frequently. As customers sign up for our website, email addresses will be databased for marketing purposes. We can send out weekly email blasts to our members on new features or just reminding them to use the service. Sending these e-mails can encourage members to upgrade their membership from the fremium to the premium by showing them what they are missing. We can also offer customer rewards. if you refer a freind and they join the site, you get some type of reward. Possibly a free month membership.


    Awareness-We will rely heavily on social media and word of mouth on creating awareness of our site. We will build our brand by focusing on those who will use it most, people in the music business.

    Evaluation- We will offer a feedback link on our site to let users offer suggestions.

    Purchase-We plan to offer a fremium at first to draw in interested musicians as a tease. Once we have their email on file, we call solicit a premium membership by showing them gigs they might be missing in their area.

    Delivery- Create a user friendly, self service type website.

    After Sales- We will list a FAQ section, a link for profile assistance, and message boards with other users.


    Our website will be primarily funded through a subscription service. Although, a sneak peak will be offered through a freemium, to find out more on the prospect, users will have to join our service.

    We are still working on whether to charge a one time fee, a monthly fee or an annual fee. It depends on the feedback we get from the musicians we interview.

    Our site will have the capability to sell and show banner ads from corporate sponsors.

    We also hope to have a classified section where members can buy and sell equipment, instruments and more.

    Misty, Jessica, Alexis

    • Carrie Brown says:

      So on customer relationships – overall you see this as mostly a self-serve kind of thing? Seems like your main focus there is with marketing/sales.

      As you develop the business plan, I’d like to see some more detail on things like “social media.” It’s not enough really to just say “We will use social media.” I’d like to see that you’ve done research and talked to your customers about specifically what social media channels work best. The more detail you have, the more likely you are to be able to reach these customers.

      I like the classifieds section idea. I also think freemium is a good idea – this is the kind of thing where it’s utility is limited until you have a critical mass of users. If you think about Facebook, for example, the reason it doesn’t charge users is because they ARE the product. There are some similarities here. Subscription isn’t necessarily a bad idea although I might think through ways you can best get concert promoters, event planners etc. to subsidize some of the costs for performers, at least those with lower profiles who might find it harder to afford something like this.

      You also have to be sure to keep honing that value proposition. What will really differentiate this from free alternatives that, while they might not be as good as your product, are essentially “good enough.”

    • Carrie Brown says:

      Okay, good. Remember in thinking about the keys that the things you are proposing do have a lot of requirements you will have to factor in. Designing a good user-friendly site. Also, things like communicating frequently and social media are extremely time intensive.

      I really think the more customer discovery you guys can do, the better. I think you need to talk to people about what they would actually pay and what they need so you can really hone what you are trying to do here. In the pitch you will want it to come through that you’ve done your homework.

  2. Group Updates on Customer Relationships, Channels and Revenues

    Inaju, Julia & Angela
    Online Education: Nigeria’s Answer for the 21st Century
    Nigeria’s Online Institute
    Our project is a start-up for a Nigerian based online higher education institution.

    Customer Relationships:
    Last week, we introduced our customer segments as a split of undergraduate students and graduate students.

    Initially, establishing credibility, rapport and facilitating recruitment will be the immediate focus of building customer relationships. Upon admission and as recruitment moves to the actual student-institution relationship — the customer relationship moves towards maintaining a customer service and facilitated communication. Then, as the institution has graduates move to alumni status – it will be key in developing and maintaining a long-term relationships.

    In the recruitment phase of this, using social media to target the customer segments of 16-25 will be quite deliberate and focused. Based on initial research, the social media site Facebook is a popular networking location to share the message and generate a first dialogue about what Nigeria’s Online Institute is, how it works and how students can enroll.

    In addition, on ground outreach by primary administrators to generate interest and answer questions will provide added value to developing a humanized, reachable — or rather tangible relationship in sharing the institute’s mission and overall goal to target demographics and community.

    Full color advertising wraps and in transport ads through the country’s various public transportation lines (bus) will also be useful in bringing top of the mind awareness of the institution’s existence.

    This third component will have a strong reach, assisting in the recruitment process but also generating a positive reinforcement to those serving as administrators, faculty, enrolled or having graduated from the institute.

    Evaluation: Feedback will be sought from students and faculty – and generated throughout the application process; through end of course evaluations of curriculum and delivery software. Students will be able to offer insight to expectations verses delivery thus allowing for necessary adjustments, troubleshooting or modifications.

    Purchase The purchase comes down to the cost of tuition and fees.

    Delivery An online institute with a web presence but offering accessibility with mobile application use; We are looking at a program called Desire to Learn which is an education delivery platform.

    the primary funding of this project may have to begin with a bit of angel investment through private or government partnerships -in order to lay the foundation of infrastructure and launch the software package for course development; advertising (public transportation ads) for recruitment etc.

    We have tons to do as we move forward in fleshing these thoughts out and We are still gathering data from potential customer segment interviews. There are many ideas on the table which must be brought into attainable scope for efficient delivery. We look forward to sharing additional progress as we develop this idea into a rocking start-up business plan!

    • Carrie Brown says:

      GREAT job. I love that you’ve spent time thinking and researching more specifics about what social media and other advertising channels to use to reach your desired demos. Thoughtful and well-written! Good work, you guys are well on your way!

  3. katvideos says:

    So we’re moving ahead nicely. We’ve engaged several customers across different spectrums of our customer bases and will be sharing the information within the group to help each of us write our script for our presentation. We’ve outlined a presentation rundown, created a google doc (thanks nitzana) with our power point background so we can begin preparing our presentation and finally we’ve accumulated video content for our presentation which will be presented using a faux facebook page and faux website as part of our power point. We feel we’ve been traveling down a long path and are nearing the end, but we have some more shopping to do before we can tell all our friends about our trip.

    Our goals are: All video content in-house by Thursday, Website development Friday night, script writing through the weekend and run through on Monday night 11/25. We’re trying to stay ahead so we can have a great holiday weekend.

    Til’ the next time…

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