Rupa Biography

I am a graduate student in the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program within the University College at the University of Memphis. I became interested in Creative Writing and Journalism due to my penchant for writing on various topics. My interest in this field grew exponentially while participating in the many internships that I found at Although originated in northeastern states of the United States, all of my internships were virtually based and could be completed through Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. One of the most productive internships that I held was with Limerence Magazine, an online publication including new and up-coming Indie music artists, through which I was able to write interesting blog posts (Taylor Swift), personally interview and review the EP of a rising music artist (Natalie Gelman), land a magazine publication entry (Limerence Magazine: Spring 2013 Issue – see attached), and receive editing and copy editing exposure of other people’s work. In another internship with (VEEPS Blog) I was introduced to the political journalism world for the first time and also got a chance to dabble in political humor, which until now I was unaware of its existence. In another internship with Voyage for Health, a wellness tour booking agency, I was exposed to social media marketing, PR activities, and blog postings. The last majorly productive internship that I held was with Abuja Star, an online publication similar to NY Times based on current events in Nigeria and also its influence on the rest of the world. Here, I was exposed to more of the hard-core news journalism that I had hoped for and began to appreciate the idea of photo-graphics through Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram to better elucidate the central message of the particular story at hand.  Currently, I am now working on writing my first novella and novel and am working hard to have it published. After research on affordable publishers and having found that traditional publishing houses are extremely expensive for a college student, I have found that publishing the novel as an e-book through CreateSpace on is a better way to curb costs and save time. A synopsis of my romance novel is here:

American-born Safa-Ali Khan lives the high life in Beverly Hills, California without a care in the world. Daughter of a prominent physician, an influential member in society – here and back home in Dubai, a place she has never visited but one that often grips her imagination with wonder and enigma thanks to the plethora of fascinating folklore — the sole heiress to the family fortune, Sara has it made with everything exactly in place. Everything would remain this way without the slightest hint of what is to happen of her in the future. If only Sara had known what was to happen during her first trip to her homeland in Dubai she probably would have never agreed to go. Although she could sense the ominous changes in her life while reaching the Arabian Sea shore, Sara decided to forge ahead and make the best of a tumultuous situation with the help of her new-found friend, Rehan – a descendant of an opposing tribal clan, much to the chagrin of the rest of the family on either side. When a simple friendship evolved into a deeper emotion was something that neither of them could have anticipated or understand. Except for the desire of being together nothing seemed to matter anymore for the young lovers; not even the earnest protests of opposition would make any difference on them. What follows is an account of the family, society, and religious discord that ensues before finally all factions agree to take an action in favor of the young lovers.


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