Politically Innovative in Tennessee

After an unsuccessful bid for Tennessee governor in 2010, Mike McWherter wanted to stay involved as an active Democrat and promote the values of his party.  McWherter is the son of well-loved former governor the late Ned McWherter,  He is a successful Jackson businessman and a civic leader.

He teamed up with former newspaper editor and blogger Trace Sharpe (Newscoma), and the “Out of the Blue” Daily Buzz was born.

His mission was simple. He wanted to send important legislative and government news of the day to areas across the state, especially to places that weren’t getting statewide news about government.  McWherter also wanted to make it easier to navigate all the different sources available online.

The Daily Buzz was a summary of the “daily buzz” of current Tennessee affairs and provided a rundown of critical issues facing the Volunteer State.  Shortly after beginning the daily email blasts, they created a website www.bluetn.com.

In starting the “Daily Buzz”, McWherter said he “hopes this information will be useful in generating “coffee shop” talk throughout our state and provide you with commentary to engage in meaningful dialogue with your friends and acquaintances.”  And he encouraged subscribers to forward the blasts to their friends.

McWherter said during his campaign for Governor, he realized a need to capture traditional and new media content in an easily accessible format.  “We needed a way to measure the thoughts of various constituencies, and in launching this communication tool, my goal is to help keep them informed,” said McWherter.

McWherter said he was unsure how long he would continue the “Daily Buzz” until he recently joined the Board of Directors for the Crockett Policy Institute.   The Crockett Policy Institute is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of Tennesseans by promoting practical, workable and fair solutions to the challenges facing Tennessee and the surrounding region.

The new “CPI Daily Buzz” is an expanded version and began on September 3rd with a mission to promote the thoughtful, reasonable, and civil discussion on practical solutions to the issues Tennessean’s face. Trace Sharpe was named the executive director and still sends out the “Daily Buzz.”   McWherter said “We think Tennesseans are tired of the extreme partisan rhetoric and ready for creative and thoughtful ideas, from whatever source, that can make life better for us and for our children.”

The CPI Daily Bzzs will have a focus on jobs, education, energy, and governance seeking to encourage reasonable and bi-partisan approaches to solving problems in those four areas.  To subscribe visit http://www.crockettpolicy.org/

In addition to McWherter, other CPI Board members include former Congressman John Tanner as chairman and members Dan Dziekonski, Dr. Amy Harris, John Castellaw, and Joe McLean.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crockett-Policy-Institute/282435741798214?ref=br_tf


One thought on “Politically Innovative in Tennessee

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Really interesting, Misty, cool example of one kind of civic startup. Good work. So basically this was something they did without compensation until it got picked up by the Crockett Policy Institute? Where does the CPI get its funding… I’m just curious. I’ve followed newscoma on Twitter for quite awhile now. Do you know how popular it is, what kind of readership they have?

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