Memphis Music Foundation

Memphis Music Foundation

The Music Foundation is a great resource we have here in Memphis. They have found a niche that had been lost for quite sometime. The people that are involved in this program highly trained and educated. The Music Foundation makes sure they cater to different people at different stages. Artist developing, business managements and the marketing are just a few of the areas they have for up in coming, artist, moguls, and journalist. One of the main areas they have is called the Memphis Music Resource Center where they teach young adults, not just musicians about the art of media. Theses people are passionate about media and the new forms of media that’s reaching a broader audience. Usually for this kind of education, most people have to go to college where they spend tons of money on this kind of valuable education. However this start up company allows young adults who might not be as fortunate to go to college or who just want to learn more, be able to get this information and education from well experiences people in the field. Their revue comes from Donors and sponsors. They relay on the money of people who believe in what they are doing. Some of theses donors might be doctors, teachers, or small business owners giving a little to corporate sponsors giving large amounts. For marketing tools and outlets they mostly use the Internet. E-newsletter that they mostly commonly used as well has Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The staff at The Music Foundation makes sure to reach the younger artist will still paying homage to what came before

Memphis Music Foundation


3 thoughts on “Memphis Music Foundation

  1. Misty Menees says:

    Can you share a link?

  2. Carrie Brown says:

    Hmm. I’m not sure if I would characterize this as a startup, per se….but I guess you could think of it that way. When did they begin? I’d also look more closely at their strategies for getting donors and sponsors for lessons learned….part of our goal here is to understand how these kinds of enterprises make themselves sustainable.

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