Chattanooga’s Entrepreneurial Scene

Chattanooga, Tennessee is well built and sturdy nest where the incubation and nurturing of ideas is active every day.

If a motivated individual has an idea and wants to find a little help getting the idea off the ground – resources appear to be accessible within the community that now calls itself “Gig City” (a reference which emerged sometime after the municipal electrical utility expanded into fiber optic internet and cable services).

Naturally, a visit to the Greater Area Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce will introduce you to the INCubator which is a 125,000 square foot building with “competitive lease rates” and resources such as clerical, a business library, computer and video centers and business counseling services – free of charge.

In addition to the aforementioned, there’s something called “The Company Lab” or rather “Co.Lab”.

The Co.Lab is one of the area’s resources, facilitating a collaborative environment for putting the wheels in motion.  In addition, there is the Co.Lab Accelerator which is a 100-day program which acts as “mentor-driven startup accelerator “and is designed for high-growth potential companies.  The Co.Lab Accelerator gives those involved access to potential investors as well as potential customers.

SpringBoard is an eight week, business planning course designed for creative and small business owners

GigTank is a summer accelerator for “next generation technology startups that utilize Chattanooga’s unique ‘Gig’ network”.

Co.Lab regularly hosts and sponsors relevant events and projects for anyone interested in all things entrepreneurial.

48Hour Launch is bit like sleepless competition for the most motivated and creative startup minds.  This after hour’s event has gained recognition for its straight-up planning and launch of startups is a favorite in the community.

Experience Talks Seminar series shines as it is where you see that once a startup is launched – the entrepreneur still has support.  The seminar series is intended to existing businesses and brings in local entrepreneurs to share stories and tips that helped lead to success.

Will this float? This seems similar to a popular reality show Shark Tank.  However, this is actually an event which promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship and brings the community together.  This is set to take place in November 2013.

A visit to the EVENTS Calendar of Co.Lab’s website will introduce you to a list of dates startup entrepreneur are invited to have coffee, pitch, network and share.

Now, there is much more support and adventure in Chattanooga.  However, it is as diverse as it is expansive:  explore at will! 


2 thoughts on “Chattanooga’s Entrepreneurial Scene

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Excellent. So much happening in Chattanooga! Have heard a lot about them but have still never been. Memphis also has 48Hour Launches and other similar events.

  2. Misty Menees says:

    That one gig thing really did wonders for Chattanooga. It’s booming. Was that a Google thing?

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