Entrepreneurial scene

Music is the scene that I am in so when I look at the entrepreneurial scene I look at it from that point of view. There are always people trying to start a business in the music scene, whether it is a record label, a management firm or public relations firm. Unfortunately because of our location the resources are limited and the support is lacking. The success and faith that people once had in Memphis music and its entrepreneurial scene has now faded.
There are actually 2 major support systems here in Memphis that really try to help revitalize the music businesses and that is the Memphis Music Commission and the Music Foundation. They are educated in helping people write proposals for investments or loans and they also aid in helping with business plans. The Memphis Music Commission has been around the longest and they really make it their business to teach people about the business and make sure they have the know-how to begin their own industry. The Memphis Foundation is probably the most poplar amongst the younger generation. They not only make sure people get the knowledge but they push them out into the real world to get their feet wet.
Both of these act as accelerators and incubators. They help future business owners create a platform of knowledge and experience to be able to build their own empire. A similar up and coming support system is called Memphis Music Town, which was established by David Porter. He’s only been up and running for about a year but he is making moves to help musicians create businesses in the music industry. Luckily, the entrepreneurial scene hasn’t totally given up on the music industry and people still believe in this town and its brilliant minds that can one day create brilliant companies.


One thought on “Entrepreneurial scene

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Good, Jessica, you’ve identified some very specific resources there. Since you are in Memphis, you can also check out all the great things going on with Start.co and the Crews Center for Entrepreneurship at the U of M. Although those aren’t music-specific, they work with entrepreneurs of all types and have a lot of experience.

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