Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Griffin. I am 25 Years old and I am a graduate student majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies, concentrating in Journalism and Music Performance. I’ve lived in Memphis all my life and grew up with music in my life and heart. I gradated high school in 2006 from Lausanne Collegiate School and received a scholarship to the University of Memphis from Sound Fuzion. I am not married, no kids and live at home with my parents, so my life is totally devoted to reaching my dream, which is to be a professional entertainer/singer. Although journalism is an interest of mine, only coming from a music stand point, singing and performing is really were my passion lies. I did Star Search in 2005, appeared on BET’S 106th and Park in 2009, opened up for Dru Hill in 2010 and sang with Aaron Neville in 2012. Currently I sing in a band named The Memphis Soul Revue and we travel all around the country doing wedding receptions and private parties. Being a young adult in this world today is tough but I have such supportive parents that they make life easier to deal with. Two weekends ago I put on show as Jessica Ray, my stage name, for The Exceptional Foundation at Minglewood Hall, which was a huge success. In the next few weeks I should be rapping up my EP cd and hopefully releasing it within the next couple of months. I have a wonderful Boyfriend who is currently on tour with ZZ Ward, he’s a drummer and she’s an incredible artist. As journalism is concerned I am nowhere near as experienced in this field as I see ALL of my classmates are, but I’m looking forward to learning new things and meeting you people!


2 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Jessica, it’s wonderful you get to live your dream. Let me know if you ever come down to Atlanta to perform. I’d live to see your show.

  2. Carrie Brown says:

    Jessica, Very impressive! Glad to have you in class. I think entrepreneurial skills are really handy for musicians so especially in the next part of the class I think you will benefit quite a bit.

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