Introducing… Nitzana!

If you’re wondering where on earth my name came from, it really isn’t very complicated. I was born in North Carolina as Amy Cheryl Hunt, but I grew up in Memphis from age 5 until age 30. At only 27 years old (I knew that number would be significant one day — it was my favorite number in high school — go figure), I felt a tug in a completely different direction — a religious direction that changed my life. Read more about that here. Oh, and my name is pronounced Neetz-AH-nah Mah-MAHN.

I recently applied for a job within the school district for which I currently work. I was determined to get the newly created position of Communications Specialist. I was made for this job — I could do it blindfolded with one arm tied behind my back.

I didn’t get the job.


But the first thing they had me do was write my own obituary. Ugh. It does tell a bit about me, but bear in mind I had only 15 minutes to write it. So I’ll reprint it here:

Amy Hunt Mamane, better known as Nitzana to friends and family, passed away late last night due to complications with a passion for writing and sharing information.

Nitzana spent the majority of her life promoting effective and relevant information to the public. Even though she began her college career at Memphis State University studying Music Education, she discovered a hidden passion unknown even to her: writing. After serving briefly in the U.S. Air Force as an Information Management Specialist in a top secret facility in Germany, Nitzana came home to the States to bring her first child into the world.

The arrival of Hannah didn’t stop this persistent young woman from pursuing her dreams. She went back to college to obtain her degree in Broadcast Journalism. Two years before graduation, Nitzana secured a position at ABC 24 in Memphis and, within two years, bolted to the top and became the weekend news producer.

Nitzana was always dedicated to working with children of all ages. From a dorm parent to teaching Broadcast Video Production in Atlanta, GA, Nitzana was passionate about teaching children about communication.

Nitzana is survived by her two daughters, Hannah, 21, and Gavriella, 8….


OK. So it’s a bit kitschy. But hey! That’s me.

I like teaching, but I don’t like where I am at this moment in time. I started the Master’s program because, now that I’m a single mom again, my income (like my computer and my love life) needs an upgrade. However, what I discovered during my first year as a grad student: I LOVE PR. I love promoting people, companies, products, anything. Especially if it’s something I feel passionately about (notice I’m ok with ending sentences with prepositions — write like you speak, stupid; but don’t get crazy).

I may live in Atlanta, but Memphis is still my home. My ideal job would be one where I can live here and travel to Memphis frequently. In fact, I’d love to work in the music industry — Blues to be specific. Like any true Memphian, I love the Blues (from B.B. King to The Black Keys). We need more Blues in the mainstream music scene. Thank you Mumford & Sons for making Bluegrass cool!

I try to write whenever I can, but sometimes, life gets in the way. I have a couple of blogs that are completely neglected and are threatening to leave me. So go read them now so I won’t be left alone by the only thing that beings me comfort: writing. See the sophisticated stuff at and “other” at (parental advisory).


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3 thoughts on “Introducing… Nitzana!

  1. inajuu says:

    Waoo, an interesting way to introduce Nitzana, racy and exciting way to write. I love reading that and by the way, i strayed into your your blog and read a bit your sojourn into Judaism

  2. Carrie Brown says:

    Awesome, Nitzana, so glad to have you in class. 🙂

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