Introducing Inaju

Inaju in South Sudan

My name is Reuben U. Inaju, (I prefer to be called Inaju). I am a Nigerian by birth. At the moment, I am studying for my Master of Art in Journalism at the University of Memphis Department of Journalism.

 I am the Head of the Community Outreach/Public Relations Unit of the Communications and Public Information Division of  the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Darfur.

I hold a BA degree from the University of Jos in Nigeria.

I have spent the last 13 years living in one troubled spot or the other as artist and peacekeeper within the African continent. I have worked in Liberia as a portrait photographer and theatre director, in Sierra Leone as Community Outreach Consultant to international non government organisations and a theatre director, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and now I am in Darfur, Sudan as a Communications and Public Information Officer as head of the Community Outreach Unit.

I love the UN Peacekeeping Operations simply for the good it does and as head of Community Outreach, I have the chance to interact and deal with the under privileged, the needy and distressed in difficult environment on daily basis.

I can say categorically that war is the worst thing anyone can wish on their worst enemy but sometimes it is inevitable. 

Out of four siblings, I am comfortably sandwiched between my elder sister and my junior sister and before my elder sister are two elder brothers.

I love and enjoy playwriting and directing, writing and recording songs for my kids and me, writing and reciting poems, swimming, jogging and hanging out with the “boys” when I can find the time.

Peacekeeping is becoming more complex and demanding and if one must remain relevant and reach out to stakeholders in the most effective and efficient ways in this age of Internet, solid knowledge of new media is a must. The mode of communication is changing and it is changing so fast it is almost impossible to keep pace.

As someone who is interested in communications and public information, understanding what is happening in the industry and knowing where the future lies would make a great difference going forward. I hope this MA Jour course will point the way for me.








5 thoughts on “Introducing Inaju

  1. Carrie Brown says:

    Great, Inaju. So very glad to have you in class. Your perspective will be very valuable to us!

  2. Hey Inaju…love reading about your life experiences. Don’t stop.

  3. inajuu says:

    We seem to have a confluence in the love of theatre, wont it be fun to see your students production one day…loving your CV and work experience.

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