Entrepreneurial Scene in Las Vegas, Nevada

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Posted By: Alexis Germany

The entrepreneurial scene in Las Vegas, Nevada is very dynamic. Many people think of Las Vegas as this big anonymous city, but when you step away from the famous Las Vegas Strip the city actually has a very small-town vibe. Las Vegas locals are working hard to create a more dynamic entrepreneurial landscape starting with the “Downtown Project.”

The Downtown Project’s mission is to revitalize downtown Las Vegas and make it a more community-focused city. The Downtown Project is recruiting business large and small to move their headquarters to downtown Las Vegas in order to rebuild it into a positive aspect of our city. One large company that is making the move is Zappos and I personally know a couple of small business owners who are considering making the move as well. Not only is the downtown project focused on brining businesses to town it also wants to attract music, art, and other cultural events so that downtown is seen as a place to work and hang out. I think this project is very cool because with so many people working together it helps to create a lot of positive energy that promotes success. I think having major companies such as Zappos move in helps smaller business feel a bit safer with the change. The downtown project also has a group of investors who are committed to helping dreams become a reality by investing in the ideas of new entrepreneurs and providing guidance and continued education so that these new ventures can be successful.

Entrepreneurs also have a number of networking possibilities in Las Vegas. One such option is the Las Vegas Entrepreneur Business Network. Within this network business owners can set up networking events and seek mentors. There are also online discussion boards so that members can seek input from other business owners.

I think my first mission for starting a business in Las Vegas would be to get in touch with someone from the downtown project and find out how I would go about applying for the investment/mentorship program. I think getting involved with this program would allow me to learn a lot and make some great contacts.

From my research it seems that Las Vegas is an excellent place for new entrepreneurs to get started and to get the guidance they need in order to be successful.


One thought on “Entrepreneurial Scene in Las Vegas, Nevada

  1. Carrie Brown says:


    Great work. Zappos is an especially innovative company and they’ve done some interesting things around company culture that might be interesting to read about.

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