Introducing the Fall 2013 Jpreneurs!

Please reply in a comment with this post with a brief bio of yourself – where you live, what you do, etc. Let’s remind our classmates and professor and tell the rest of the world who we are! 

Feel free to also tell us a little bit about what you hope to get out of this class. 

I’m Dr. Brown, also known as @brizzyc on Twitter, and this is my bio. 

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13 thoughts on “Introducing the Fall 2013 Jpreneurs!

  1. juliaduin says:

    I am Julia Duin and I’d like to leave a link to my bio, too, but I’d have to go into the admin portion and create a new post, which is not what I think you want! I’ve worked in 5 newsrooms – including the Houston Chronicle and Washington Times – as a reporter and editor over a 25-year period. I still freelance a lot – in fact just got a blog published last night with the Wall St. Journal (see here: which I was pretty happy about. But it’s clear to me that I need to move into teaching, which I’ve done (as an adjunct) at the University of Maryland and for the past year as an associate professor at Union University in Jackson, which for you non-Tennesseans is 80 miles east of Memphis. The Union gig only lasted a year but while there it was clear to me that I needed a master’s in journalism (already have one in religion), so am spending this year and next getting one from UMemphis. I have written 5 books and am working on a sixth. I like anything to do with Kurdistan, Kazakhstan (adopted a daughter from there in 2007), hiking, biking and anything to do with the Pacific Northwest (where my family is) or the Rocky Mountain time zone, where I’d love to live.

  2. My name is Alexis Germany and I am a graduate student pursuing a Master’s Degree in Journalism. I currently work as a producer/social media manager/voice over talent for Vegas TV in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    A career in the media industry has been a dream of mine since my early teens when I became an anchor for my high school’s news program. I attended Hampton University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in broadcast journalism with a minor in theater performance. Since that time I have gained experience in television, promotions, public relations, social media management and more.

    My hobbies include reading, writing, shopping, boating, swimming, and going to the beach as often as possible. I also enjoy spending time with family and friends.

    I am the oldest of six children, I have an adorable dog named Lola and an equally adorable boyfriend.

    I am currently trying to obtain as much knowledge as possible about every aspect of the industry so that I can be well prepared as I strive to reach my career goals.

    Email: Twitter: @AlexisRgermany

  3. misldods says:

    I am Misty Menees residing in rural Northwest Tennessee. I grew up a farmer’s daughter in Troy, Tennessee then moved to Martin, Tennessee to attend college at 18. I never left.

    I have been a Branch Office Administrator with Edward Jones in Martin since 2007. We help clients with their financial planning from birth through death. I also oversee the Edward Jones regional newsletter. I found out a few years ago that Edward Jones offered 100% reimbursement for education and I decided to go back to school.

    I took one class through Gonzaga online before transferring to Memphis. I have nine graduate hours completed.

    I graduated from UT Martin in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree. I was a communications major where I focused mainly on television news production. Upon graduation, I took a full time job at the radio station in Martin. Over the years at WCMT, I served as a traffic director, community service director, sports board operator, air talent and news director. I wrote the winning entry for an NAB Crystal Award for Community Service in 2002, was twice the employee of the year, and helped earn the station the honor of Tennessee Titans affiliate of the year in 2003.

    As small market radio pays close to poverty levels, I often moonlighted to help pay the bills. I worked at a catfish restaurant waiting tables, worked at a hotel front desk, helped during holidays at Victoria’s Secret, and ran camera during ballgames for the PBS affiliate in Martin WLJT. I even did a nine month stint as a newspaper delivery person for The Jackson Sun from 4am-7am seven days a week.

    I have been involved with the Kiwanis International service organization since 2004 serving as our club president in 2007 and the divisional Lt. Governor for West Tennessee in 2008 and 2009. I served as the Kiwanis adviser to the Builder’s Club at Martin Middle School from 2005-2008. I led our Kiwanis club’s efforts in placing AED machines in all of our county schools in 2010.

    In 2011, I helped organize an annual weekend leadership retreat for Tennessee high school students called Kiwanis Key Leader. Each year, we take 15 local students to this intensive weekend with 60 other students from across the state. I have also served as the adviser to the Westview High School Key Club since 2008. Young people are my passion and I love helping them reach their potential.

    I briefly worked a part time freelance job as the PR Coordinator for the Obion County School System in 2009. I did their Coordinated School Health Newsletter, wrote newspaper articles highlighting academics and helped polish the system’s image through creative radio spots. The job was grant funded for a brief period.

    I have wrote numerous newspaper articles over the years for the Weakley County Press in Martin. I’m seem to be the go-to person when your charity on non-profit needs a story and the staff at the paper usually prints whatever I send them. In my box of clippings there are articles for an adult developmental care agency called CDS, telethons, animal rescues, historical town pieces, and other people, places and things. All pro-bono of course.

    I met my husband Jason at 21. (He was 18) We dated until we were 29 and 26 when we FINALLY got married. We were married for 6 years when we had our one and only child. Jillian is my beautiful, blonde, witty and intelligent child. We did Your Baby Can Read with her and now at 2, she reads ME bedtime stories.

    I can’t leave out my critters. They occasionally sit in with me during class. Inside we have my 9 year old shih-tzu Jude, my 5 year old rescue Lhasa Ryan, and Jillian’s new kitten Peeps. Outside guarding the house we have 8 year old Rottweiler Les-Paw, 4 year old stray lab mix Cory, and 5 year old country kitty Sunny.

    I am limited to taking one class per semester with my busy life. If I am ever able to finish the program, I hope to be able to teach adjunct communications courses at UT Martin, Murray State or nearby Bethel College.

  4. Ken Thomas says:

    My name is Ken Thomas. I’m an old school professional journalist who has worked in television for more than a quarter of a century. While I understand the push to use social media and the new technologies as another tool for our industry, I am quite inexperienced as to how it is all accomplished. So if you have any pointers and would like to help an old man navigate around in this new direction for the industry, it would be greatly appreciated.

    As far as my career highlights goes I can list a few but there have been so many over the years it’s hard to single them out. The first nine years I worked as a sports producer, news editor, news photographer and sports photographer. Also, during this time I was fortunate enough to purchase my own camera gear and begin freelancing for ESPN, CBS Sports, NBC Sports, ABC and ABC Sports, CSS TV, The NFL on Fox pregame, Various local productions, The University of North Florida Athletics Department. I’ve also started a small business of sorts shooting weddings and dance recitals and other events. I’m proud to say KAT Videos was established in 1991 and is still going, although not as strong as it once was.

    Top five career highlights:

    1-Covering the last shuttle takeoff and landing. Atlantis.
    2-Covering two Superbowls. New Orleans and Jacksonville.
    3-Taking my father on a freelance shoot for CBS sports to interview then FSU head coach, Bobby Bowden and getting him to take a picture with my dad.
    4-In one weekend, covered three high school football games, produced an award winning 11 pm newscast, traveled to Knoxville, TN to cover the Gators beat the Volunteers and put together two stories before traveling to Charlotte, NC to cover a 49ers vs Panthers NFL game for KGO in San Francisco. Fed game footage and interviews from Charlotte ABC affiliate before traveling back to Jacksonville for a Monday morning shift.
    5-Meeting or covering hundreds of political types including, Presidents, Jimmy Carter, George H. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, President Obama and just about every first lady who has made a stop in town. Too many president candidates and senators to name. The list could go on and on if I put my mind to the task of remembering the last 25 years, but you get the idea.

    I’ve had a wonderful career filled with countless ups and downs, excitement and a fair share of dull moments and who knows what the future holds for this once energetic man who told himself after 2 years in the business, “if I’m still in this business at age 45 someone should shoot me!” Needless to say I haven’t been shot yet, but I have had my encounters over the years, and I’m a bit over 45 so….I’m just saying!

    • Carrie Brown says:

      Ken, what a wonderful range of interesting and impressive experiences you’ve had! Fantastic. I’m sure we’ll all benefit from your perspective. Also, you are clearly already an entrepreneur, so that will be helpful. Historically I have also found that sometimes my students with the most work experience end up being the ones who actually succeed at and embrace social media the most once they get the hang of it. Some of you may know Pam Avery, another online student – before she took my social media class she wasn’t even on Facebook, and now she’s blogging regularly and more.

  5. Angela Lee McClister says:

    Short bio: Angela Lee McClister
    Married: 5 years
    Daughter: 9-mos old, Laney
    Profession: Instructor of Media Technologies at Chattanooga State Community College (since 2011)
    Career: Producer, WTCI PBS (5-years)
    Before that: Reporter, Anchor, one-man-band, producer, assignment desk….web producer
    Hobbies/interests: Research: general interest, local history and ethnography, Golf, Cooking (not especially well) & entertaining / hosting

    Before joining Chattanooga State’s innovative team of media technology educators, Angela spent five years of her career producing local projects and television shows for Chattanooga’s local PBS station.

    Angela began her media career in television news – launching her career behind the scenes as a producer for television and the web. Angela has worn many hats in the newsrooms she’s worked in: Reporter, Anchor, one-man-band, producer, assignment desk, editor and even camera operator.

    Angela’s interest with the development and evolution of the internet first began at the Arkansas Governor’s School (in 1994). It is here, a visiting professor from Rensselaer Polytechnic University introduced the interactive and multimedia potential online. Since then, Angela’s interest continued to grow and change just as the available technology, innovations and applications advanced.

    When she’s not in the classroom, Angela may be found in the library piecing together a perpetual puzzle of how new technology impacts consumer demand; or the varying degrees of the news industry’s evolution; exploring/seeking long-range options to ensure the survival of true journalism.

    Angela teaches Survey of Mass Communications, Media Writing I& II, Convergent Journalism, Media Law, Social Media as well as Broadcast Radio Announcing.

    Angela is one of the first eight faculty members on the ChSCC campus selected to participate in the Teaching Learning Academy’s IPads in the Classroom project. It is here Angela explores and shares the potential use of tablet technology & applications as teaching tools as well as for streamlining the news delivery process.

  6. Rupa Rao says:

    I am a graduate student in the Masters of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program within the University College at the University of Memphis. I became interested in Creative Writing and Journalism due to my penchant for writing on various topics. My interest in this field grew exponentially while participating in the many internships that I found at Although originated in northeastern states of the United States, all of my internships were virtually based and could be completed through Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. One of the most productive internships that I held was with Limerence Magazine, an online publication including new and up-coming Indie music artists, through which I was able to write interesting blog posts (Taylor Swift), personally interview and review the EP of a rising music artist (Natalie Gelman), land a magazine publication entry (Limerence Magazine: Spring 2013 Issue – see attached), and receive editing and copy editing exposure of other people’s work. In another internship with (VEEPS Blog) I was introduced to the political journalism world for the first time and also got a chance to dabble in political humor, which until now I was unaware of its existence. In another internship with Voyage for Health, a wellness tour booking agency, I was exposed to social media marketing, PR activities, and blog postings. The last majorly productive internship that I held was with Abuja Star, an online publication similar to NY Times based on current events in Nigeria and also its influence on the rest of the world. Here, I was exposed to more of the hard-core news journalism that I had hoped for and began to appreciate the idea of photo-graphics through Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram to better elucidate the central message of the particular story at hand. Currently, I am now working on writing my first novella and novel and am working hard to have it published. After research on affordable publishers and having found that traditional publishing houses are extremely expensive for a college student,

  7. Michael Rodgers says:

    Hi everybody! I am Michael Rodgers. I currently work as a special education coordinator for Lake Cormorant Middle School responsible for the oversight of 120 special needs students grades 6-8 and federal requirements associated with each’s Individualized Education Plan. My primary responsibilities include supervision, direction, and coordination of our inclusion staff and the analysis of data leading to the development and coordination of academic and behavioral interventions that promote success for special needs students with particular emphasis in Autism and ADHD.

    Additionally, I coordinate website and social network management, digital instruction management, instructional technology integration, teaching of social studies, mentoring and training of new employees, and an ongoing role as interning administrator providing assistance to executive leadership.

    In public education I have been responsible for both internal and external communication through a variety of efforts including social networking, website/digital data management, public information and school/community collaboration. In addition to the natural communication demands involved in education, I have also received extensive training in the appropriate media and public relations concepts associated with executive leadership.

    I began my career as a middle school social studies teacher after graduating from Mississippi State University, then went into administration and completed a Master’s degree and certification from The University of Mississippi. When unable to find suitable positions in administration locally, I decided to move into special education in order to gain a more diversified background. Additionally, I began coursework toward a Ph.D. in educational administration from The University of Mississippi which is currently on hold pending completion of a dissertation and three successful years as a contracted school administrator.

    My prior interests and involvements, including a general disdain for the direction of public education, have led to my current pursuit of a second Master’s in Journalism and movement to a career position largely or completely involving communications, broadcast, and/or public relations.

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